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Congratulations to Pipes, Winner of LCA2010 Web Buttons Hide & Seek!!

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Congratulations to Mark "Pipes" Piper, winner of the 2010 Web Buttons Hide & Seek competition!! Your prize is:

1x Free Hobbyist Ticket

It was a tough competition. A race between Pipes, AJ Towns and Trent "Lathiat" Lloyd, who were both close runner-ups. Well done to everyone who took part in our little competition. It's been an exciting 24 hours!

To view the Web Buttons, please see: the LCA2010 Graphics page.

Answers to Web Button Hide & Seek

Where to find the buttons?

The Pipes' Methodology

Check out the Pipes' Methodology of how to find the buttons.

Win a FREE ticket to LCA2010!

[D] [Digg] [SU] [R] [SU] [SU] 2010 organisers welcome the little blue penguin, Blu to the website!

Web Button Hide & Seek

Just for a bit of fun, we've hidden 10 web buttons, one for each previous, in and around our website. The first person to find and email URLs for all 10 images to wins:

1x Free Hobbyist Ticket

As an example, here is the one for this year (not part of the contest):

LCA2010 Banner

along with its full URL:

Now go find the other 10 like this one!

Of course, it goes without saying that members of the Capital Cabal... there is no cabal... and people who have access to the LCA2010 server are automatically disqualified from entry.

For more Blu graphics, please see: the LCA2010 Graphics page.

LCA2010 Announces Fourth Keynote Speaker

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Friday 4 September 2009 – The 2010 Organisers are proud to announce the fourth Keynote Speaker for LCA2010!

Our fourth Keynote Speaker is a writer, journalist, and blogger. After receiving two degrees in maths, he started writing about computers in 1982, the Internet in 1994, and free software in 1995. In August 1997, his feature “The Greatest OS that (N)ever Was” appeared in Wired magazine. He is perhaps best known for his book "Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution" published by Penguin in 2001, and "Digital Code of Life", a book about the genomic software that powers everything alive, and the battle to keep it free, in 2004.

We'd like to welcome Glyn Moody as our fourth confirmed Keynote Speaker for LCA2010!

For more information about Glyn Moody, please see: Glyn Moody's blog.

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LCA2010 Announces Third Keynote Speaker

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Thursday 13 August 2009 – The 2010 organising team is proud to announce the third Keynote Speaker for LCA2010

Our third Keynote Speaker is an anthropologist who examines ethics and online collaboration as well as the role of the law and new media technologies in extending and critiquing liberal values and sustaining new forms of political activism.

Between 2001-2003 she conducted ethnographic research on computer hackers primarily in San Francisco, the Netherlands, as well as those hackers who work on the largest free software project, Debian. She is currently authoring a book entitled "Coding Freedom: Hacker Pleasure and the Ethics of Free and Open Source Software".

We'd like to welcome Gabriella Coleman as our third confirmed Keynote Speaker for LCA2010!

For more information about Gabriella Coleman, please see:

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LCA2010 Accommodation Details now Available!

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Thursday 13 August 2009 – The LCA2010 Organisers are proud to release a range of accommodation options covering the full spectrum from University dorms to 4.5 star Hotels!

Mrs Susanne Ruthven, Co-Director and Accommodation Co-ordinator says "I'm sure that there is an accommodation level in there to suit everyone, I know that I've got my option picked out."

To see the options available, head over to the Accommodation page on the LCA2010 website.

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LCA2010 Announces Successful Miniconfs!

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Saturday 8 August 2009 – The LCA2010 Organisers are proud to announce the successful Miniconfs for 2010 in Wellington.

François Marier of the LCA2010 Miniconfs Review Committee says "The quality and number of Miniconf Proposals we received this year were very high, making the selection of successful Miniconfs a difficult task."

The LCA2010 Miniconfs Review Committee was so impressed by the Miniconf Proposals, that they have accepted an additional 2 Miniconfs into the LCA2010 programme than they had originally planned.

"We're pleased with the selection we've made as I'm sure there is something there of interest to everyone," says Mr Marier. "It's our pleasure to welcome the Miniconf Organisers to LCA2010!"

Arduino Jonathan Oxer
Business of Open Source Martin Michlmayr
Data Storage and Retrieval Peter Lieverdink
Distro Summit Fabio Tranchitella
Education Tabitha Roder
Free The Cloud! Evan Prodromou
Haecksen and Linuxchix Joh Clarke
Libre Graphics Day Jon Cruz
Multicore and Parallel Computing Nicolas Erdody
Multimedia Conrad Parker
Open and the Public Sector Daniel Spector
Open Programming Languages Christopher Neugebauer
System Administration Simon Lyall
Wave Developers Shane Stephens

For more information about Miniconfs, please see: Miniconfs page on the Wiki

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LCA2010 Call for Papers & Miniconfs are Now Closed!

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Wow, what a fantastic response to the LCA2010 Call for Papers and Miniconfs. The Papers Review Committee has an incredibly tough job ahead of them selecting only a relatively few of those proposals to present at LCA2010.

Thank you to those who have submitted proposals for Presentations, Tutorials and Miniconfs. The quality of proposals we've received are fantastic.

It's going to be one awesome!

LCA2010 Announces Second Keynote Speaker

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The 2010 organising team is proud to announce the second keynote speaker for LCA2010!

Our second Keynote Speaker has a long history with supporting innovation within the Open Source community. He ran the first web server in New Zealand while a student. He has chaired and co-chaired numerous conferences, including O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) and more locally, Kiwi Foo Camp, an unconference style event that mirrors the O'Reilly Foo Camp held in the USA. He co-wrote the Perl Cookbook. He has been the Perl 6 project manager and serves on the board of the Perl Foundation.

We'd like to welcome Nathan Torkington as our second confirmed Keynote Speaker for LCA2010!

For more information about Nathan Torkington, please see:

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One Week Extension!! Call for Papers now closing on Friday 31 July 2009

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Friday 24 July 2009 – The LCA2010 Organising Committee have been overwhelmed by the numbers and quality of the papers submitted to so far!

The success of the papers so far has put us in a generous mood. So we've decided to give all you slackers out there an extension on the Call for Papers by one week!

Call for Papers Now Closing: Friday 31 July 2009 at 17:00 NZST

Remember, to increase your chances of acceptance, check out the Papers Info page on our website before submitting your paper.

Call for Miniconfs are now closed!

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Wow, what a week, we had well over 30 miniconfs submitted, after we talked to the submitters of some very similar miniconfs the total number we need to decide from is 32. Wow.

We'd like to thank everyone who has submitted a miniconf, the quality of the submissions is simply amazing. You're making our lives very hard because we need to pick just 12 of them.

If you're interested in some stats about the submissions then check out François's write up.

Remember, the Call for Papers for LCA2010 is still open, and closes on Friday the 24th. Check out the Papers Info page on our website.

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