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Win a FREE ticket to LCA2010!

[D] [Digg] [SU] [R] [SU] [SU] 2010 organisers welcome the little blue penguin, Blu to the website!

Web Button Hide & Seek

Just for a bit of fun, we've hidden 10 web buttons, one for each previous, in and around our website. The first person to find and email URLs for all 10 images to wins:

1x Free Hobbyist Ticket

As an example, here is the one for this year (not part of the contest):

LCA2010 Banner

along with its full URL:

Now go find the other 10 like this one!

Of course, it goes without saying that members of the Capital Cabal... there is no cabal... and people who have access to the LCA2010 server are automatically disqualified from entry.

For more Blu graphics, please see: the LCA2010 Graphics page.