LCA2010 Announces Successful Miniconfs!

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Saturday 8 August 2009 – The LCA2010 Organisers are proud to announce the successful Miniconfs for 2010 in Wellington.

François Marier of the LCA2010 Miniconfs Review Committee says "The quality and number of Miniconf Proposals we received this year were very high, making the selection of successful Miniconfs a difficult task."

The LCA2010 Miniconfs Review Committee was so impressed by the Miniconf Proposals, that they have accepted an additional 2 Miniconfs into the LCA2010 programme than they had originally planned.

"We're pleased with the selection we've made as I'm sure there is something there of interest to everyone," says Mr Marier. "It's our pleasure to welcome the Miniconf Organisers to LCA2010!"

Arduino Jonathan Oxer
Business of Open Source Martin Michlmayr
Data Storage and Retrieval Peter Lieverdink
Distro Summit Fabio Tranchitella
Education Tabitha Roder
Free The Cloud! Evan Prodromou
Haecksen and Linuxchix Joh Clarke
Libre Graphics Day Jon Cruz
Multicore and Parallel Computing Nicolas Erdody
Multimedia Conrad Parker
Open and the Public Sector Daniel Spector
Open Programming Languages Christopher Neugebauer
System Administration Simon Lyall
Wave Developers Shane Stephens

For more information about Miniconfs, please see: Miniconfs page on the Wiki

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