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NBR: Hundreds flock to open source software conference

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Hundreds of technology enthusiasts from around the world will attend a week-long open source software conference that began in Wellington today.

iTWire: LCA2010 gets off the starting blocks

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Wellington sported a grey visage this morning, a time of day when geeks are normally sleeping off the effects of late-night hacking sessions and the excessive intake of coffee.

RadioNZ: Open source software conference opens in Wellington (3′23″ audio)

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The Linux computer software conference starts today in Wellington.

Big turnout expected for Wellington Linux-fest

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Wellington will host an international gathering of Linux enthusiasts next week when the 2010 conference comes to town.

The open source event, hosted at the Wellington Convention Centre from January 18 until January 23, brings together open source software developers from all over the world to discuss their latest projects and issues relating to open source programming.

iTWire: LCA 2010: Spreading the FOSS message to the masses

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Australia's national Linux conference has a reputation of being among the better technical conferences held every year and geeks look forward to the annual event.

ComputerWorld: kicks off next week aiming for open source roadmap goal

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Organisers of the annual conference, are confident a roadmap for promoting the open source community in the region will be developed by the end of the six-day event starting next week.

iTWire: LCA 2010: Boost for open govt mini-conf

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The Australian national Linux conference has received a boost, with three current and former government officials from New Zealand, the UK and Australia to speak at one of the mini-conferences being organised on day two of the LCA.

iTWire: LCA 2010: business meets FOSS

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In some respects, it is a little surprising that, given the intense business interest in free and open source software, Australia's national Linux conference only took up the topic as a separate mini-conference last year.

iTWire: LCA2010: Getting distros to play together, nicely

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For the second time in its 11-year history, Australia's national Linux conference (LCA) has a distro summit on its agenda. The last distro summit was held in 2008, when former Linux Australia president Jonathan Oxer was the organiser.

iTWire: LCA 2010: Getting up close and personal with the Arduino

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When Jonathan Oxer turns up at Australia's national Linux conference, you can be sure that he'll have an interesting idea, either to talk about or else to demonstrate.

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