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Labour plans Web 2.0 push for open government

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The Labour Party is planning a web 2.0-facilitated public consultation in the next few weeks to help it formulate a policy for “open and transparent government”.

Labour’s ICT spokesperson, Claire Curran, revealed the plan in the course of a panel discussion on “the politics of open” at the open-source conference, in Wellington.

iTWire: Auckland: where a FOSS school is a reality

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Mark Osborne is not a technical person. That's the first point he made when he stood up to deliver his presentation on The Open Source Secondary School at the 11th Australian national Linux conference this morning.

iTWire: ext4: prime time in three years, says Ts'o

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It will take about two or three years for the ext4 filesystem, that has been adopted as the default by some community GNU/Linux distributions, to be routinely deployed on production systems, according to senior Linux kernel hacker Theodore Ts'o.

iTWire: LCA 2010: an encounter with the other Andrew

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Andrew Bartlett is the other Andrew. He's a team member of the famous Samba project, the brain child of the original Andrew - Tridgell.

ITWire: Veteran, 17, extols virtues of FOSS

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At 17, Elizabeth Garbee is quite a veteran of the various Linux conferences, having spoken at the Australian conference thrice, beginning in 2005 in Canberra.

Google Wave Extension Gallery On Its Way

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Whatever claims you might make about Google Wave and its potential, ease of use would not be high on the list right now. Wave becomes much more straightforward once you start incorporating extensions for common tasks, and a forthcoming extension gallery will make those a lot easier to find and add.

Novell pulses nicely with Google Wave

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Google has given the first public demonstration of how its Wave collaboration platform can integrate with Novell's rival Pulse system at 2010 in New Zealand, while also offering some insights into the future development of the Wave protocol.

Computerworld: Rich and varied fare for open-source conference

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Conference to address embedded open source among other developments. The open source software conference, taking place in Wellington all this week, will cover a healthy mixture of technical, social and even “small-p” political topics — as well as allowing open source enthusiasts to chew the fat.

ITwire: Windows Media streams at LCA: Pfeiffer to the rescue

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Live streaming of sessions from the 11th Australian national Linux conference was organised today for the first time in the event's history, but it almost turned out to be an embarrassment.

iTWire: LCA 2010: Wanna kill a FOSS community?

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As free and open source software becomes more and more a part of mainstream computing, it is common to find large commercial organisations taking a big interest in FOSS projects, sometimes to the extent of taking over such projects.

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