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Linux Magazine: LINUX CONF AUSTRALIA 2010

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It’s worth getting out of bed for this one – but not required

Within 30 minutes of having arrived in Wellington, New Zealand, for Linux Conf Australia (LCA), I was informed that it was baby penguin season. Despite not seeing a real live wild penguin at the conference, the experience provided by organizers and attendees at this year’s conference was more than enough to entice me back in future years.

Computerworld: Open-source sets trend for broader transparency

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Author Glyn Moody, a keynote speaker at the recent LCA2010 open-source conference in Wellington last month, puts the freedom of open source in a broader context of general freedom of information. An LCA 2010 overview

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The 2010 edition of was held on January 18 to 22 in Wellington, New Zealand. A number of the talks from this event have been covered elsewhere on LWN, with more to come; this article will talk about several other sessions and your editor's impressions of the conference as a whole. In brief: it was a highly successful event which easily lived up to the high standards set by LCA.

[Haka] One often goes to conferences to see the speakers perform. It's a rare event, however, which gets them up on stage together to do a Maori war dance. The speakers' dinner on Tuesday night featured plenty of good food, "Fiasco" wine, and a group which gave lessons on how to do the Haka (which only coincidentally sounds a lot like "hacker"). Much noise was made, much fun was had, and, much to the participants' chagrin, videos were made.

CIO: Open source under threat from 'grey' IP laws

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Colin Jackson, an independent technology consultant and writer from NZ, says free software remains under threat from the expansion of copyright, misguided software patents and the secretive Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

CIO: Smarter Linux file structure aims to ease software management

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GoboLinux does away with the old Unix file system hierarchy; "What is fatal to other distributions is stable here," says NZ developer Michael Homer.

Stuff: Open-source alive and thriving

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New York University anthropologist Gabriella Coleman says the open-source software movement has emerged relatively unscathed from the economic downturn.

CIO: NZ school ditches Microsoft and goes totally open source

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A New Zealand high school running entirely on open source software has slashed its server requirements by a factor of almost 50, despite a government deal mandating the use of Microsoft software in all schools.

Angus: LCA 2010 Day 3: Crikey!

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I write for a living and I write a fair amount, but it does tend to be for the same sites. Indeed, up until this week the last time I actually started writing for a publication I’d never appeared in before was when I started at Lifehacker back in May 2008.

LinuxJournal: - Day Four

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Day four of the conference opened with a keynote entitiled "Hackers at the End of the World" by Glyn Moody. Glyn explored the history of sharing in science and art as inspired by the open source movement, and contrasted this with the anti-sharing 'my gain is your loss' culture of the global financial community. Glyn postulated that the sharing and indeed sharing of sharing that characterises the FOSS community held a tantalising glimpse of a solution to the global financial and environmental crisis.

iTWire: Brisbane to host LCA 2011

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Nine years after it first played host, Brisbane has been awarded the rights to host the Australian national Linux conference again.

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