Wellington Convention Centre

The Wellington Convention Centre consists of two classic buildings located adjacent to each other in Wellington’s central business district. The buildings are connected via a pedestrian bridge or are simply a few metres walk between the two buildings. The Wellington Town Hall is a beautifully restored historical building (1904), and the Michael Fowler Centre is of modern architectural design (1983).

The Michael Fowler Centre offers excellent tiered theatre seating for up to 1,000 when only the lower level is used, and has a maximum capacity of 2,500 with the use of the promenades.

There are 19 versatile venues within these two buildings, which are host to a large number of events each year ranging from conferences to concerts, banquets to exhibitions, weddings to conventions. It has practical and comfortable areas for posters, banners, exhibitions, catering and social networking.

The Wellington Convention Centre is located right in the midst of the bustling cafe culture, shopping, theatres, galleries, hotels and Wellington’s central business district. Walking to downtown Wellington is quick, easy and safe.

111 Wakefield Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand


There will be wired switches in some of the chat 'n'hack areas. There will be an open wireless network covering the entire venue, no authentication is required, the network name (ESSID) is:


Main Auditorium

The keynote venue and one of the rooms for our presentations is the main auditorium in the Michael Fowler Centre. It has tiered seating up to 1,000 people on the lower level.

Renouf Foyer

The Renouf Foyer in the Michael Fowler Centre will be split into two rooms, with flat seating. One of the rooms will be used for talks, the other room will be used for either talks or tutorials. In theatre style the rooms will seat 200 people. In the tutorial layout they will seat 75 people.

Ilott Theatre

The Ilott Theatre in the Town Hall provides tiered seating and will be used for talks. Ilott Theatre seats 302 people.

Civic Suite 1 + 2

The Civic Suite in the Town Hall is another smaller room that will be used for talks or tutorials. Civic Suite 1 + 2 seat 180 people in theatre style and 85 people in tutorial layout.

Hallway Track

The Hallway Track is an important part of LCA2010, it provides an opportunity for old and new friends to catch up. The promenades in the Michael Fowler Centre are ideal.